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Accordion URS (1205-06-10)

The Accordion® URS – Stone Management Device is designed to slide easily past even impacted stones, form a patented film occlusion proximal to the stone, provide flexible placement, control retropulsion, and simplify the sweeping of small stones down the ureter without a guidewire.

The Accordion URS is a hydrophilic coated, multi-function tool that can pass even impacted stones with its guidewire-like tip.  It has been optimized for use during ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedures and eliminates several common endourology devices.  It is a complete stone management system  in a single device.

The Accordion URS offers the benefits of a device that can PASS the stone, BLOCK the stone and the fragments, and SWEEP the small fragments out of the ureter, minimizing the need for additional baskets and time.

Once in position, the occlusion film conforms to the shape of the ureter, unlike most other anti-retropulsion devices and baskets. The occlusion film allows for normal levels of irrigation during stone fragmentation which can facilitate the rinsing of smaller fragments, keeping the field of view clear and shortening treatment times.  The film has also been shown to reduce the intra-renal pressures inside the kidney.  In addition, it has been proven to be highly resistant to even multiple laser or shock wave lithotripsy ‘shots’ during therapy, which means that the Accordion URS’ functionality is not impaired – and can be deployed and undeployed anytime during therapy around the stones.


Ordering Information:

Product Name: Accordion® Stone Management Device

Product Code: PA 1205-06-10

Product Brochure: Available Upon Request