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Accordion Medical’s advanced microcatheter technology provides endourologists with wider field of view, normal irrigation levels and stone-free procedures (for fragments larger than > 1mm) The Accordion and Coax products form an occlusion in the ureter to prevent stone fragment migration and facilitate fragment removal during lithotripsy procedures.

The Accordion® URS (Stone Management Device) and the Coax URS and PCNL  (Stone Control Devices) simplify and shorten endoscopic lithotripsy procedures by combining multi-functionality with durability against inadvertent contact with lithotripsy energy in a single device.   Specifically, they offer one device for blocking stone migration and sweeping of fragments during stone fragment removal.

The Accordion URS is a hydrophilic coated, with a guidewire-like tip that passes easily past stones before being deployed. The occlusion film can be deployed and undeployed at will by the physician – improving treatment control.  Normal irrigation levels then facilitate distal rinsing of small fragments and keep the field of view clear. Following fragmentation, the Accordion URS can sweep multiple, larger fragments into the bladder or ureteral access sheath, minimizing the need for baskets.

The CoAx URS is optimized to pass over standard 0.35″ or 0.38″ guidewires into the ureter to be operated similarly to the Accordion URS.

The CoAx PCNL device has been specifically designed for use in percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures and prevents ANTEGRADE migration of stone fragments into the ureter.  Unlike a ballon catheter, the CoAx PCNL is stable in the upper urinary tract and the device’s functionality is not compromised by inadvertent contact with lithotripter energy.

The Accordion and CoAx proprietary technology combines to create device that are safe, easy to deploy and retrieve, and have excellent antiretropulsion capabilities.  Antiretropulsion of the kidney stones during therapy means more control and less time required to treat for the surgeon.   These features position the Accordion Medical devices as valuable tools for the urologist with benefits for use in nearly all endoscopic lithotripsy procedures