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CoAx® PCNL (1305-01-15)

The CoAx Stone Control PCNL Device is a revolutionary, multifunctional device for total stone and fragment control during PCNL therapy. Creating a better field of view using normal irrigation flow, less time chasing stone fragments down the ureter, and durability against contact with the pneumatic or lithotripsy device, means better control for the surgeon and money saved. Using the CoAx PCNL can eliminate the need for occlusion balloons and can be introduced either retrograde or antegrade to match your surgical approach.

The CoAx PCNL can be advanced over a standard shaft of a 0.038 inch guidewire, or smaller wire guide inside the ureter or kidney. The CoAx PCNL has a larger, 15mm occlusion film with six radiopaque gold dots in it for use at the UPJ.

The CoAx PCNL occlusion film can be deployed and undeployed anytime and as many times as needed by pushing the slider knob on the handle up and back. Once the CoAx PCNL is in place, the guidewire can be removed to allow for contrast to be injected in the luer port to better visualize the kidney calyx and the stone under fluoroscopy prior to making a PCNL puncture.

The CoAx PCNL can also be introduced antegrade through a separate sheath over a guidewire and deployed in the UPJ. The versatility of the CoAx PCNL fits your individual practice needs.

Using the CoAx PCNL, blocking and removing fragments from the kidney is simple and time saving. The occlusion film is durable against inadvertent contact with pneumatic or ultrasonic lithotripsy devices as well as graspers and baskets.

Product Name: Accordion Coax Stone Control Device

Product Code: PA 1305-01-15

Product Brochure: Available Upon Request