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CoAx URS (1305-01-10)

The CoAx URS (Stone Control Device) is designed to be used with a guidewire and will pass proximal to the  stone, form a patented film occlusion that conforms to the inner diameter of the ureter, provide flexible placement, controlled antiretropulsion, and simplified sweeping of small stones down the ureter.

The CoAx 10mm Stone Control Device – is a hydrophilic coated catheter is optimized for use in ureteroscopic lithotripsy procedures. The CoAx 10mm has the same occlusion film design as the Accordion device and is designed to prevent retrograde stone fragment migration and to facilitate fragment removal.  Yet it offers a novel over-the-wire design that allows the device to be introduced into the urinary system over a guidewire. This feature allows CoAx device introduction over a procedural or safety guidewire at any time during the procedure.

Once in position, the occlusion film conforms to the shape of the ureter, unlike most other anti-retropulsion devices and baskets. The occlusion film allows for normal levels of irrigation during stone fragmentation which can facilitate the rinsing of smaller fragments, keeping the field of view clear and shortening treatment times.  The film has also been shown to reduce the intra-renal pressures inside the kidney.  In addition, it has been proven to be highly resistant to even multiple laser or shock wave lithotripsy ‘shots’ during therapy, which means that the CoAx URS’ functionality is not impaired – and can be deployed and undeployed anytime during therapy around the stones.

These features position the CoAx URS (Stone Control Device) as a time-critical tool for the urologist with benefits for use in nearly all URS lithotripsy procedures.


Ordering Information:

Accordion CoAx® Stone Control Device 10mm

Product Code: PA 1305-01-10

Product Brochure: Available Upon Request