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Accordion URS

The Accordion URS provides excellent stone control in the ureters. It has greater field of view and allows normal irrigation levels and normal laser power levels for faster, stone-free treatments! Sweeping with the Accordion can also minimize basket usage.



The CoAx PCNL is a film-based stone control device for the PCNL/PNL procedure. Placed easily in the UPJ, the film is highly durable against lithotripsy energy, while providing a stable working surface and a clearer field of view in a stone-free case.



The CoAx URS is a powerful stone control device for the medial and distal ureters that stops both fluid and fragments from leaving the therapy area thus providing a better field of view, faster treatments, less renal pressure of the patients and stone-free procedures 98% of the time.



See our complete library of Videos at Accordion Medical YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJKdjjlmYihKKj6B5hb4ug